We all need healing in different forms whether it is physical, emotional or spiritual. Sometimes our loved ones, family, friends, colleagues or environment need that healing touch as well. Healing takes courage and strength. Today with compassion go within and let go of something you are holding on to that no longer serves you...so the healing journey begins.
~Nirmala Raniga
An Introduction to Ayurveda

Ayurveda, a Sanskrit term meaning "science of life," is a 5,000-year-old healing system founded in India. From the Ayurvedic perspective, we, as human beings, are not merely thinking machines, but rather fields of intelligence, interacting with the information and energy that surrounds us. Through these daily interactions, stress, diet, and other routine parts of life can shift the balance of both body and mind, which can lead to health issues. Read More.

How Meditation Can Help Anxiety

Fear is a negative emotion unless you're facing an actual threat and need to fight or flee. And the usefulness of fear is minimal in daily life, particularly in the form of anxiety. Stressful events can produce short-term anxiety in almost everyone, which disappears after the event. But for an estimated 6.8 million Americans with Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), anxiety is a chronic condition they can't shut off. Read more.
Healing Quest: David Simon on Ayurvedic Principles
Healing Quest: David Simon on Ayurvedic Principles


Khichuri is traditionally made of yellow mung dal and basmati rice as well as digestive spices and ghee. 
In Ayurveda it is is used as a cleansing and detoxifying food.  ~See Recipe 


April 2015 

April 26 -May 2, 2015
 Seduction of Spirit
The Chopra Center
Omni La Costa Resort * Carlsbad, CA

May 28-31, 2015
The Chopra Center
Omni La Costa Resort * Carlsbad, CA
The great mantra dedicated to Lord Shiva as Maha Mritynjaya holds the highest place among the Sanskrit mantras. The recital of this powerful mantra is beneficial for the body, mind and soul in many ways, especially those who are in pain and suffering. By chanting the Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra, divine vibrations are generated, which ward off all the negative vibrations and create a powerful protective shield. It awakens a healing force that reaches deep into the body and mind.  Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra chanting is a call for enlightenment and purifies our karmas of the soul at a deeper level. 


My stay at the CAWC was amazing. With the help and support of all the staff I was able to get the tools I needed to cope with my addictions and other personal issues. I was able to really open up in a great group setting which helped me share so much more than I thought I could and get down and find the root cause of my issues. I felt that 6 weeks was perfect. 4 weeks was good but I found myself at a spot where I wasn't ready to leave. 5 weeks got me that extra support and feeling of well being. The 6th week was another great week to get the extra support and it allowed me time to relax and get ready to head on my way. I wasn't feeling rushed, anxious or stressed about it. It was that extra time that I needed and I knew I was ready.

I have met so many great people along the way and I am so very grateful for all of you.


Adam, Canada 


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