"Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance." 
by Nirmala Raniga

While particularly bright during the Thanksgiving season, the warm feelings of gratitude can continue throughout the year. Recalling times of closeness with others or individual successes can help us not only look upon our lives with gratitude, but also help us create a blueprint for growth.
by Nirmala Raniga
Do you go out of your way to please other people so they will like you? Is it difficult for you to say no or to express your opinion when it's different from what others think or want?  If so, you may have a "people-pleasing" pattern; this type of behavior can be a contributing factor for stress, anxiety, depression and imbalanced relationships.   Read More...

by Deepak Chopra
Thanksgiving is the perfect time of year to count your blessings. But did you know that practicing gratitude can actually improve your health? Gratitude-like love and empathy-creates a biochemical shift in the body. How can you activate the power of gratitude in your own life? Learn about the three stages of gratitude and how to experience each stage to reap the health rewards. Read More...
November 2015 

I came to the center because of severe family events and decisions that overwhelmed me with pain. More pain than I could handle.

I was in severe depression and believed the situation was hopeless. I am still feeling emotional pain, but I have learned tools to help me deal with the pain and tools to assist me in looking at the situation differently.

I am reconnected with my family and we are taking baby steps. I do not know my future, but no longer feel hopeless. I realize I have choices and that I am responsible for creating my own happiness.
- Linda, USA (Oct 2015)

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