No matter how long the winter is, spring is sure to follow.


As we enter into the spring season, we see potentiality for rejuvenation and growth. Look within and assess: are you currently happy with what you have? Now is the perfect time to strengthen your connection with yourself and others around you. Nurture yourself as you release any negative thoughts and welcome the fresh gentle breeze that provides the comfort and opportunity you seek. The universe offers so much. We are connected to each other, the environment, and everything in this universe. Enjoy this moment as you recognize all the connections and honour the divine in all.


~Nirmala Raniga

Healthy Answers to Stress Relief

Chronic stress is a widespread health concern that has reached epidemic proportions. Stress can have emotional and physical repercussions, including anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, and migraines, and can lead to more serious illnesses like heart disease and cancer. In looking for ways to escapestress, people commonly adopt unhealthy behaviors such as overeating or unhealthy eating, excessive media consumption, drinking alcohol, smoking, or other habits..  Read more  

What food guests can expect at the Center Kitchen.
Chef Darin Joseph
Good Mood Food

The food that we eat plays a huge role in not only our physical health but also our mental health. On a day to day basis the types of food

that we choose can either help to stabilize our mood by balancing blood sugar levels, or it can cause unbalanced fluctuations in blood sugar levels which can result in lethargy, poor concentration, agitation or moodiness.  Read more

Simplify Your Space for Spring

"There exists within each of us a natural state of simple and open awareness in which we feel happy, light, and at peace.... We can begin to let go of the complications that cause us to suffer by cultivating a simple state of awareness. In this process, tiny steps yield big results, in part because simplicity is nature's default position.

- Deepak Chopra   Read More


Wow! I sincerely mean that. I could not imagine how rewarding and healing the Chopra Center could be! I came here thinking that I was going to be dealing with a certain issue, but left here having dealt with the root of the problem which I learned had manifested me to become the person I had become when I arrived at the Chopra Center. Now I am leaving here being the person I was born to be.


Shaun H. - Canada




The centre provided a balanced, supportive atmosphere which facilitated real opportunity to change thoughts, feelings & behaviours. My thanks and praise go out to the whole staff from administration to kitchen staff.


The Chopra Center is a welcoming place full of compassionate, caring people who truly care.




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March 2015
Chef's Recipes
Take a peek at some of our healthy Center recipes! 

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Spread love everywhere you go. 

Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.

~Mother Teresa

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