Mission & Philosophy

Our Philosophy, Beliefs and Objectives


Chopra Addiction and Wellness Center suggests successful recovery and wellness demands tremendous commitment and accepting responsibility for one’s life.

Beliefs and Values

We believe life is precious and priceless and deserves the utmost attention and car.  We all deserve to live in the present and experience joy and healthy relationships.

We believe health requires balance and integration of body, mind and spirit.

We believe the path to health and wellness can be achieved with personal responsibility, commitment and support.

We value individuals’ strengths and wisdom in their unique journey for healing and growth.

We believe healthy connections with family, friends and community are important components of recovery and wellness.

We also believe fun, love, and humour play critical roles in wellness. The Center works to support appropriate access and expression of these essential ingredients for health.


To help our guests experience balance and integration of body, mind and spirit.

To provide guests with high quality therapeutic services and tools that will enable them to make ongoing healthy, conscious choices in their lives.

To be an active positive influence and asset in the community.

To create and maintain a healthy, rewarding, and enjoyable workplace.

To contribute to research for progressing knowledge of effective interventions and services.