Our Story & Mission Statement

Our Story

In 2009 the Chopra Addiction and Wellness Center was founded in Squamish, BC in partnership with the world-renowned Chopra Center for Wellbeing. Spearheaded by Nirmala Raniga, an addiction specialist who is dedicated to the philosophy that people suffering from addictive behaviours need to be treated with respect and kindness, the Center was originally called Paradise Valley Wellness Centre.

With compassion and hope in mind, and, with tremendous support from the Squamish community and health care professionals  Ms. Raniga  took the courageous step of establishing  this  unique therapeutic residential treatment center. The goal of the Chopra Addiction and Wellness Center is to provide guests from all walks of life, who are suffering on a daily basis from addiction or underlying issues, with an exceptional opportunity to heal and move beyond that pain to experience joy. Guests receive a full range of coordinated and integrated services from initial assessment, treatment and post-residential stages.

Professional therapists and health care practitioners who are experienced in treating people with addiction  help guests discover how certain events in life have led to unhealthy behaviours. They guide guests to gain new insights leading to healthy functional thoughts, behaviours, and ways of expressing feelings.

Chopra Addiction and Wellness Center is committed to promoting and supporting a path of health and wellness to all who recognize they need change!

Mission Statement 

The mission of the Chopra Addiction and Wellness Center is to provide a safe and compassionate environment where guests suffering from addictive behaviours or traumatic experiences can receive the tools they need to achieve balance and the integration of body, mind and spirit that are required for healing and wellness.

Our mission includes contributing to global awareness and betterment of health and wellness.

A private residential wellness Center committed to providing the safety, expertise, and support for you to reclaim, develop, and sustain a meaningful life free from destructive addictive behaviors.