Intake Process

We believe the steps outlined below are simple, respectful, and meaningful. We are excited about the tremendous services and experiences we offer at the Center in support of your journey to wellness!

A. Consideration
We encourage you to consider whether coming to Chopra Addiction and Wellness Center fits for you. You may want to explore our website, review the self-assessment form, give us a call or email us with questions or concerns, discuss your situation with a physician, a counselor, supportive friends, and family.

B. Completing Application form
The application form can be faxed, submitted on-line, or completed over the phone with one of our staff. A non-refundable payment of $250 is required to process your application. Your $250 payment is deducted from any subsequent costs at the Center.

C. Welcome package
After your intake date has been confirmed we will send you our Welcome Package that includes details and information for helping you prepare to enjoy maximum benefit from services at Chopra Addiction and Wellness Center.