Six Weeks Program

Are you struggling to break the cycle of addiction or other forms of trauma? Based on our extensive experience working with guests who have histories of emotional struggle such as depression with destructive compelling behaviors, we recommend as a minimum the 6 Week Program for maximum benefit. Guests who invest 6 or more weeks to explore and practice new ways of being with self and others leave with confidence and a well- informed continuing care plan. The experiences and knowledge gained during this time provide valuable tools and techniques that can be incorporated into daily life outside the center ensuring sustained change.

When you’re living in balance, you have a natural sense of ease, enthusiasm, and well-being. You sleep well and awaken feeling energized. You are able to express your unique talents in a way that creates happiness, harmony, and love for yourself and all those around you. In contrast, when you’re out of balance, life feels like a struggle. Depending on your temperament, you may feel overwhelmed, anxious, irritable, or withdrawn. When your mind-body balance is disrupted, you’re also more prone to physical and emotional health issues such as depression and anxiety and use non-nurturing ways, including addiction, to cope with emotional pain.

Our compassionate and highly trained staff is experienced in helping people recover from all types of addiction and emotional health issues, including: depression, anxiety, alcoholism, drug abuse, psychological trauma, disordered eating, sexually addictive behavior and smoking. Our in- depth program includes a bio-psycho-social assessment that provides guests with insight into areas they need to work on while at the Center. Our program includes group and individual therapy sessions, yoga, meditation, massage, acupuncture and art therapy, supported by the collective energy of loving staff committed to modeling connection, healing and wholeness.

Continuing Care is a valuable aspect of our program, offering support to guests as they return home and begin to incorporate the new tools, skills, and insights they have gained during their stay with us. Recognizing that healing is an ongoing process, we are uniquely attentive to Continuing Care.

“I have found my smile again. This place offered love and support when I needed it most. I worked through issues from my childhood that had been suppressed for 30 years. These issues were leading me to the very destructive behaviours that had to stop. In this loving setting, I was able to face the darkness and break through to a beautiful loving place in the world just waiting for me to ‘show up!’ I’ve learned to truly be present in life and hug my inner child. Thank you!” – Melanie – USA

Your 6 week Residential Program Includes:

  • A collaborative extensive bio-psychosocial and spiritual assessment
  • Individual consultation with a psychiatrist available upon request with additional cost
  • Medical history and consultation
  • Individualized treatment plan reviewed on an ongoing basis
  • Two 50 minute individual therapy sessions weekly
  • Daily 90 minute group therapy sessions
  • Meditation and yoga sessions offered twice daily
  • Chopra Curriculum sessions focusing on addiction and non-nurturing behaviours
  • Chopra Curriculum sessions exploring Mind, Body and Spirit
  • Relapse Prevention and Healthy Boundary groups
  • Access to a variety of supportive group experiences including AA/NA groups
  • Instruction in the timeless tools and techniques of Ayurveda – the world’s oldest healing science
  • Health and Nutrition session
  • Weekend Family sessions
  • Massage sessions twice a week—(Ayurvedic massage may be arranged for additional cost)
  • Acupuncture weekly
  • Art therapy and healing sound sessions
  • Evening sessions that include cooking demonstrations, market tours, camp fire and therapeutic games
  • Opportunities for mindfulness walks and guided hikes
  • Exercise opportunities in a fully equipped gym
  • Continuing Care Services including up to 12 weeks of individual therapy sessions after you depart.
  • 24 hour staff support