Healthy Weight Program

No matter what form they take, at the root of all unhealthy behaviors is the natural desire to satisfy our human needs for security, comfort and love. Guests participating in The Healthy Weight Program discover that detrimental eating habits cannot fill the emptiness inside and will not lead to lasting peace or satisfaction. At Chopra Addiction and Wellness Center we are committed to supporting every guest in reclaiming physical health and emotional wellbeing.

Our Healthy Weight immersion program into body-mind-spirit integration allows guests to develop deeper levels of awareness, and move towards more conscious choice-making leading to a more integrated lifestyle. The focus is on integrating new healthy strategies consistent with an improved relationship with weight. The program includes therapeutic work supporting you to go inward to identify your strengths and develop more nurturing, self-empowering behaviors and perspectives; meditation and yoga with focused support and safety; massage and acupuncture, art therapy, educational sessions and instruction in the timeless tools of Ayurveda. Part of the healing process undertaken here is to learn acceptance of the loving care and attention as offered by the nutritious and comforting foods from our kitchen. Through attendance at regular cooking demonstrations, sessions on holistic nutrition and market tours, guests may choose to adopt this nurturing approach to self-care when they depart. This program is appropriate for people who are not struggling with other destructive compelling behaviours.

The programs offered here are from highly skilled professionals in their varied fields. From the vegetarian chefs, the massage therapist, the canine assisted therapy dog to the yoga instructors, Dr’s & therapists to psychodrama and beyond. I feel their unique methods and healthy living and meditation is the right answer for anyone looking to free themselves. I know this to be true as it has worked for me. Savanna – Canada

The program includes:

  • A collaborative extensive bio-psychosocial and spiritual assessment
  • Medical history and consultation
  • Health and Nutrition consultation
  • Individualized treatment plan reviewed on an ongoing basis
  • Two 50 minute individual therapy sessions weekly
  • Daily 90 minute group therapy sessions
  • Meditation and yoga sessions offered twice daily
  • Chopra Curriculum sessions focusing on addiction and non-nurturing behaviours
  • Chopra Curriculum sessions exploring Mind, Body and Spirit
  • Relapse Prevention and Healthy Boundary groups
  • Access to a variety of supportive group experiences including Eating Disorder meetings
  • Instruction in the timeless tools and techniques of Ayurveda – the world’s oldest healing science
  • Massage sessions twice a week—(Ayurvedic massage may be arranged for additional cost)
  • Acupuncture weekly
  • Art therapy and healing sound sessions
  • Evening sessions that include cooking demonstrations, market tours, camp fire and therapeutic
  • Opportunities for mindfulness walks and guided hikes
  • Exercise opportunities in a fully equipped gym
  • 24 hour staff support

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