Chopra Addiction and Wellness Center enjoys an ideal setting for a residential treatment Center. Isolated from residential and commercial dwellings, our location allows guests to come to a private, secluded area with natural beauty providing a healthy and tranquil atmosphere.

What makes Chopra Addiction and Wellness Center unique is our focus on promoting balance and integration of body, mind and spirit.


People who come to our Center have often tried other means to change or stop their unhealthy behaviours but recognized that in order to fully reclaim their life outside of these compulsive behaviours, they needed to address their deeper issues.

We help guests discover how certain experiences in life have led to unhealthy behaviours. We guide guests to have healing experiences at the Center and gain new insights, leading to healthy functional behaviour.

A goal of our treatment is to increase awareness of individual strengths and healthy coping strategies and work with these to facilitate recovery and long term wellness. Attention is paid to developing skills that increase an individual’s sense of independence, self-worth, empowerment and a healthy connectedness with family or friends. There is a strong focus on balancing life through self-care, productivity, leisure and recreation, nutrition, exercise and individual spirituality.

With commitment, continued work, and support, we know guests are capable of incorporating their new coping skills and insights into their daily life upon returning home.

Our residential program includes:

• A collaborative extensive bio-psycho-social and spiritual assessment
• Individual consultation with a psychiatrist available upon request with additional cost
• Medical history and consultation
• Individualized treatment plan reviewed on an ongoing basis
• Two weekly 50 minute individual sessions
• Daily, 90 minute group therapy sessions
Meditation and yoga sessions offered twice daily
• Chopra Curriculum sessions focusing on addiction and non-nurturing behaviours
• Chopra Curriculum sessions exploring Mind, Body and Spirit
• Relapse Prevention and Health Boundary groups
• Access to a variety of supportive group experiences including AA/NA groups
• Instruction in the timeless tools and techniques of Ayurveda – the world’s oldest healing science
• Health and Nutrition consultation
• Weekend Family sessions
Massage sessions twice a week (Ayurvedic massage may be arranged for an additional cost)
• Acupuncture weekly
Art Therapy and Healing Sound sessions
• Evening sessions that include cooking demonstrations, market tours, camp fire and therapeutic games
• Opportunities for mindfulness walks and guided hikes
• Exercise opportunities in a fully equipped gym
Continuing Care Services including up to 12 weeks of individual therapy sessions after you depart.
• 24 hour staff support