Client-centred Service

We have chosen to describe a number of ways client- centred service is experienced at Chopra Addiction and Wellness Center.

1. We will work together with you (and any supportive family, friends, and professionals you chose) to clarify how addictive behaviour is impacting you physically, interpersonally, psychologically, spiritually, and occupationally.

2. We work with you, at your pace, to find, acknowledge and accept strengths and gifts you possess. We believe treatment becomes most effective when there is a routine focus and acknowledgement of your strengths, interests, abilities, and capabilities. Your strengths and resources will be routinely acknowledged and supported at the Center.

3. Along with investigating what serves to maintain your destructive compelling behaviour, we respectfully explore with you the origins of your addictive behaviour including previous emotional and psychological trauma. We offer the opportunity to begin the process of looking at and healing those wounds.

4. From the very beginning, you will experience great respect for your insight and wisdom regarding what you need for healing and wholeness. The initial collaborative assessment will ask you to start considering your 3 most important goals while you are a resident here. We ask what you feel you can do to achieve these goals while at the Center.

5. We actively work with you to find and support new useful thinking (self-talk) and ways of dealing with emotion (e.g. awareness and appropriate expression). We also work with you to experience new behaviours (e.g. interpersonal skills and rewarding healthy activities) that you can practice after you leave the Center. We routinely check-in with you regarding your new thinking, ways of dealing with emotion, and new behaviours.

We believe it is critical to offer customized support after you leave the Center to ensure your new healthy ways of being that you have practiced while at the Center can be integrated into your life when you leave. Soon after your arrival, we begin to work with you to envision and develop a personal continuing care plan to meet your needs. Plans may vary in degree of support and focus.  After completion of a 28-day residential program, guests are eligible to utilize  our aftercare therapy incentive program that provides partial funding for up to twelve weeks.