Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy is an integral part of the holistic healing experience that guests at Chopra Addiction and Wellness Center receive. Individuals suffering from addictive behaviours, substance abuse issues, anxiety, eating disorders, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are usually suffering from physical pain as well. Headaches, stiff muscles and joints, back pain – even skin problems are among the side effects that accompany the many types of emotional issues our guests bring with them to the Center. Therapeutic massages nourish and release the natural healing forces of each individual and relieve the physical pain that is adding to their emotional crises. A major contributor to recovery, massage therapy reduces tension and pain within muscles, increases joint flexibility, reduces stress and increases each guest’s body awareness. By focusing on their physical wellbeing, guests have a chance to “get out of their heads,” which is where so much of their personal journey at the Center takes place, and re-establish a sense of physical safety and connection with their internal resources.

Therapeutic and Thai Massage are both offered at Chopra Addiction and Wellness Center, although for an extra fee, guests may also receive Ayurvedic Massage. Therapeutic Massage is the most commonly known, with treatment focusing on areas of injury, tension, postural and sometimes emotional issues. Thai Massage is a technique that can enhance the guests’ Yoga experience.  Both are exceedingly beneficial at appropriate times.

Most guests tell our massage therapists that they will continue with massage in their after-care, a definite indication that they have found benefit of massage in their healing process.

Jessana, a guest from the US wrote the following kudos to the Center following her stay,

Food was AMAZING, massages incredible, acupuncture wonderful,

  beautiful grounds, great therapy and comfortable living… Thank you.”