Spirituality can be defined as meaning or purpose in life. It can be described as a connection to yourself, others, people around you and the universe. All of us have an inner reality. People who are suffering often find their inner reality, perception and spirituality have become damaged or distorted.

Chopra Addiction and Wellness Center believes spirituality plays an integral part in healing. When your body is nurtured and a balance of mind and body is experienced, you will begin to discover your inner voice or spirit. By paying attention to your inner voice, you will discover ways to develop the ability to discern and know what is right for you.

A spiritual path is one that brings peace in one’s life. The goal of peace and happiness that is sought from a spiritual path may be the same for all but there are many roads one can travel. You may want to explore your own spiritual path with support and guidance from our staff. Yoga, meditation, and nature walks are some examples where you may find your balance and greater sense of self