Working with family and friends

 “Success rates double when family members are included in treatment”

Family and friends endure tremendous pain when loved ones suffer with addiction and other disorders. Involvement of supportive family and friends is an integral part of your recovery process. Family and friends are given an opportunity to learn about addiction and disorders, understand family systems, and how best to be supportive of loved ones in treatment. This can be the place for relationships to begin or continue to heal and emotions to begin to become acknowledged and expressed. Misunderstandings and confusions can be explored, thus strengthening the foundations for these relationships so they can continue to grow.

Upon your arrival, and with your consent, a family therapist will contact a supportive family member (or friend) with you. You have the right to decide the degree of communication the Center has toward your family, friends, and professionals regarding your progress.

We encourage you to invite family members to participate in the family weekend program upon consultation with a therapist at the Center. The cost is included as part of your treatment however family members are responsible for their travel and accommodation costs. If required, a family therapist or other therapists may provide individual counseling services for specific family members at an additional cost.

During a typical 6 week stay as a resident of the Wellness Center you will be encouraged to plan for at least one weekend, or evening during a weekend, away from the Center with family and friends who support your wellness. We generally support residents to remain at the Center during their first weekend. Any weekend planning is expected to be processed with staff in advance. You may phone or email us if you require further details re.  process of weekend planning at this time.

We recognize that destructive compelling behaviours can be extremely isolating and supportive relationships may not presently exist. Change is possible!

Please call or email our admissions staff with any questions or concerns.